Six Ways To Carve Out Me Time
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Six Ways To Carve Out Me Time When Life Gets Busy

As a busy mom, the thought of enjoying “me time” seems not only self-centered, but actually downright impossible. Most of us can barely get five minutes a day to ourselves, let alone squeezing in an hour or two of me-time.

It’s important for your sanity that you spend some time doing things that you enjoy. It can be something as simple as enjoying a few moments of silence while sipping on a cup of tea.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… including you.”

Anne Lamott

My secret to carving out me-time, is by scheduling it. When I plan out my  week, I make sure that I pencil in some time for ME.

I know that it may be impossible to schedule uninterrupted time each day, so instead try setting aside an entire day once a week, or at the very least once a month, and spend that time doing whatever you like.  And it’s quite alright if you spend the day doing absolutely nothing!

Be sure to make arrangements with your spouse or significant other beforehand so that they are available to have the kids while you take some much needed time to for YOU.

Below are six ways that you can enjoy a few moments of  “me-time.”

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We know that health is important – both physical and mental. Go outside and take a brisk walk or if you’re in the mood, go for a run. If your schedule allows, take a group class weekly, or hit up the gym a few times throughout the week.

Find a physical activity that you love, and then the “me time” becomes a bonus.

Treat Yourself To Lunch

Treat yourself to a leisurely meal alone at a nice sit-down restaurant or your favorite eatery. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, this would be a perfect time to try out a new dish or even a different type of restaurant than the ones you normally frequent.


Let your feelings out on paper. Write down your emotions, stresses, ideas, dreams, worries, fears – whatever you choose. This is something that can be done one time or on a daily basis.

I personally like to journal either first thing in the morning or before I go to bed. Keep a small notebook or journal with you, and reach for it whenever the mood strikes.

Six Ways to Carve Out Me Time When Life Gets Busy


Go Shopping

This is one of my favorites! Every now and then my husband and son spend the day doing “guy” stuff so that I can spend the day shopping.

Sometimes I splurge on a few outfits, at other times I simply window shop for a few hours. Often times I will make a day of it and have lunch and even squeeze in a mani/pedi.

Use this time to hit up several of your favorite stores. Even if you don’t buy anything, go ahead and try on two or three different outfits.

If you’re not really into clothes, go to your favorite furniture or home decor store and browse. Or buy yourself a plant or two, or three.  I personally love plants, and sis, you can never have too many.

Catch A Movie

Let hubby tend to the kids, or drop them off with a sitter for a few hours and head to the movie theater. Grab you some popcorn (extra butter of course) and a drink and enjoy the show.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

When the weather permits, I like to spend daily quiet time outside on my patio. Steal away for a few hours and just enjoy some time with nature.

Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, lie in the grass and watch the clouds or grab a glass of lemonade and enjoy a book underneath a tree.

Taking time each day to relax and unwind can help boost your immunity, make you more productive and even help stimulate creativity.

I know that it can be difficult at first, but learn to make yourself a priority. You will be better equipped to care for those that you love when you do.

How do you enjoy your me-time?


  • Khushi

    I really liked all your “me time advice”
    I like to pamper myself. First I would go out and take a good long walk. I always listen to my favourite music and enjoy it. I really like it when it rains that’s why I always make sure to go out when it rains. It calms me.
    The second thing I do is putting on a facial mask and doing my nails etc. I really feel like this is so relaxing and important to invest some time on yourself. Yeah that’s it actually. There is no more time to do any other thing for me.
    Very good blog post. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Jane T

    Absolutely! We just give and give until we’re completely dry. It’s so important to remember that it’s ME TOO not me instead of you. We got this, mamas!

  • LauraBelle

    These are all things I do as a way to help with my depression. Exercise is the most important one for me. It just makes you feel so much better.

  • Cassie Harris

    I usually take myself to the gym for me time! It’s great FOR me, gives me about an hour and a half (time alone in the car!!) total by myself, and I’m pretty good at reading on the treadmill at a brisk pace. Reading at home is next to impossible! Loved the idea of taking yourself out to eat. I added this to one of my collections on Mix!

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