Three Of My Favorite Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Naturals

Three Of My Favorite Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Naturals
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Finding the best deep conditioners for your natural hair can at times seem overwhelming. After all, there are dozens of products that are out there on the market. But how do you determine which product is best for your hair? We all know that what works wonders for one individual, may not work for another.

Maintaining proper moisture is important for all hair types, but type 4 hair (also know as kinky or kinky curly hair) is extremely fragile and more susceptible to damage, especially when not properly moisturized.

 Because type 4 hair is tightly coiled, moisture can escape from the hair shaft easily making it even more prone to dryness.

Deep conditioning not only replenishes moisture back into your hair, but it also gives your hair the protein, and essential vitamins and nutrients it needs. This process also helps to add luster and sheen back into the hair.

In order to reap the maximum benefits of deep conditioning, let the conditioner sit on your hair for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. For added moisturization, add heat to your hair when conditioning.  You can place a plastic cap on your hair and sit under a hooded dryer or you can use a thermal conditioning cap. 

Some naturals deep condition their hair twice a week, some once or twice a month.  I personally deep condition my hair on a weekly basis. I do this as a preventative measure.  If your hair is feeling a bit dry, you may want to try deep conditioning twice a week.

If you are just starting out with deep conditioning you may want to do it on a bi-weekly basis.  However, you should find a routine that works best for you and your hair.

Beware of over conditioning your hair as well. I know that we tend to think that the longer conditioner sits on our hair the better, but that’s not the case. Over conditioning will cause your hair to become soft and fragile, and more prone to breakage.

Lastly, be sure not to neglect your ends. Our ends are the oldest and driest parts of our hair and therefore they need a little extra TLC.  

Keep in mind that just because a  product is expensive does not mean that it will work better.  There are a lot of inexpensive brands that work just as well (if not better in some cases) than the pricier ones.

Here are 3 amazing deep conditioners you should use on your type 4 hair that will give you favorable results.

The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa Sweet Oil & Honey Endless Moisture Mask

Three Of My Favorite Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Naturals
Infused with essential vitamins and Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, that deeply penetrate the hair shaft to infuse it with vital moisture and nutrients. Power packed to improve shine, strength, and manageability.

SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque

Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Strengthening Mask

This intensive treatment deeply penetrates to condition and smooth frazzled strands with a nutrient-rich fortifying formula.  It transforms frizzy hair into sleek, healthy strands. C

This treatment contains Certified organic Shea Butter, Plantain and Yucca which combine in a strengthening formula that helps weak hair resist breakage.  

Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner

Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner

Infused with babassu, honey, sage and extra virgin olive oil to hydrate and revitalize your luscious locks.

This delectable hair care product rejuvenates dry, thirsty hair and adds a brilliant gloss to lackluster tresses.

What are some of your favorite deep conditioners?


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