Things To Track In Your Planner

75 Things To Keep Track Of In Your Planner

If you are anything like me, you have a planner. I am a planner girl and always have been as far back as I can remember.

Planners are great for so many things other than just keeping up with your daily schedule. If you use your planner every single day, you’ll find that it is the perfect place to keep track of EVERYTHING!

I plan out my days, and I will also go back throughout the week to highlight and document happenings, using my planner as a scrapbook of my life so to speak.

If you’re looking for different ways that you can use a planner to keep you organized and on task, I have listed below 75 ways that you can use your planner. 

Tasks & To-Do Lists

Daily Tasks
Weekly To-Do List
Project Tracking (keep up with projects and deadlines)
Work Schedule
Honey Do List

Important Dates

Holidays and Family Functions 


Bill Due Dates
Pay Dates
Account Usernames/Passwords (please don’t lose this)
Income Tracking (track your personal finances)
Expense Tracking
Debt Payoff
Savings Contributions


Menu Planning (plan out a week or month’s worth of meals)
Grocery Lists
Fridge/Pantry Inventory
Favorite Recipes
Recipes You Want To Try
Household Maintenance (ie. change air filters)
Lawn & Garden Maintenance
Cleaning Checklists
Automobile Maintenance (ie. oil changes, tire rotations)
Packing List

Health & Wellness

Daily Water Intake
Doctor’s Appointments
What I Ate In A Day
Medication Tracker
Weight Tracker
Exercise Log
Body Measurements
Self Care Tracker
Mood Tracker
Symptom Tracker
Menstrual Cycle
Habit Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Morning Routine 


Important Phone Numbers
Emergency Contact Info




Spiritual & Personal Growth

Goals Tracker
Daily Affirmations
Favorite Bible Verses
Sermon Notes
Gratitude Journal

Leisure Activities

Television Shows To Watch (keep track of new shows you want to watch)
Books To Read
Movies To Watch (I keep up with all of the movies I want to watch on Netflix)
Upcoming Social Events
Parties (keep track of RSVPs)
Date Night Ideas
New Restaurants To Try
Shopping/Wish List
Orders/Deliveries (if you shop online often, keep track of your orders)
Bucket List
Journal or Diary


Kids Activities

Kids Extracurricular Activities (ie. softball practice, dance rehearsal)
School Projects
School Events (ie. picture day)
Kids Chores
Birthday/Christmas Wish List


Memories  (jot down your favorites memories of something that a loved one did on a particular day)
Photos  (if you have a photo printer, print out fun things that you did during the week)
Family Activities

Business & Blogging

Blog Planner
Brainstorming Posts
Blog Stats
Social Media Posts
Business Expense Tracker
Business Meetings
Mileage Log

There you have it, my friends.  A plethora of fun, but useful ways to keep track of things in your planner!

What are some of the different ways you use your planner?

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