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My Night Time Self-Care Routine

Do you have a night time self-care routine in place? I bet for a lot of you the answer is NO. For some people, winding down each night can be a challenge.

I think it’s safe to say that at the end of the day, we typically crawl into bed exhausted and then wake up the next morning with brain fog to start our daily routines all over again. That was the case for me anyway. After suffering many restless nights, I knew that some things in my life had to change.

What I realized was that I was trying to tackle too many things in the evenings and often well into the late-night hours. I would then fall into bed at night exhausted, but unable to get a full night’s rest.

I decided to take a good hard look at my schedule and afterward, realized I needed to rearrange my priorities, and also make sure that I penciled in some time for me.

Adding self-care habits to our nightly routine is one way to improve our health, both mentally and physically. When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give to those we love.

I have discovered that by consistently following a nightly routine, my evenings, flow so much smoother. Not only do my evenings flow smoothly, but I fall asleep faster and I am able to rest peacefully.

When incorporating a self-care routine you need to decide what type of activities will benefit YOU the most (such as reading, journaling, doing a brain dump, or spending some quiet time with your spouse or significant other).

Here is an example of my typical nighttime routine:

Play Some Relaxing Tunes

I LOVE music. As I prepare to wind down each evening, I always start off by playing some type of relaxing music. I like listening to instrumental jazz or nature sounds – particularly the sound of rain.


Enjoy A Soothing Shower Or Bath

I love a hot, steamy shower. I light up some scented candles to add a little bit of aromatherapy.  When time permits, I like to enjoy a long soak in the tub.

Pamper My Skin

After showering, I pamper my skin from head to toe. I’m a huge fan of body butters. I typically use either cocoa butter or shea butter. 

Next, I take care of my face. I apply toner to my face and afterward, I apply my favorite moisturizer or facial oil (I fully cleanse my face prior to getting into the shower).

I also apply an under-eye cream as needed to help with the dark circles I sometimes get under my eyes. I discuss the basics of skincare in-depth in this post.


I like to do a few stretching exercises at night to help me sleep better. I have found that stretching helps to loosen me up, and makes me feel more relaxed.

According to Inspyiyr.com, nighttime stretching improves your quality of sleep and helps to lower stress levels.

Shut Off The Electronics

This one has always been a struggle for me. I tend to want to catch up on social media in the evenings, but I have found that by putting my phone (and computer) away an hour or two before bedtime helps my brain to shut off so that I can prepare for a good night’s rest.

Plan My Day

I like to go over my planner in the evenings so that I have an idea of what all I need to get done the next day.  I also take this time to write down anything that’s floating through my head so that I’m not up all night thinking about my to-do list.

Read A Book 

 Reading is one of my favorite past times. Most nights I sip on a cup of tea and read a few chapters of a good book before I go to sleep.  

Because I enjoy reading so much, I can read for hours on end.  I now set the timer on my phone so that I am not up reading until the wee hours of the morning. 

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Create Your Own Self-Care Routine

A nighttime routine sends a signal to your brain that it is time to wind down for the day. Of course your ideal night routine will be uniquely tailored to you, but here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your evening:

Write in your journal
Enjoy the relaxing scent of essential oils
Drink a cup of your favorite herbal tea
Take a warm bath or shower
Spend a few minutes stretching
Read a good book
Listen to relaxing music
Cool down your bedroom
Do a brain dump
Cleanse your skin
Unplug your devices
Make an evening gratitude list

Final Thoughts

As a wife and mom, I know that there can be days when a self-care routine is not feasible.I mean life happens to all of us. Just know that taking care of YOU is an important part of your well-being and enables you to properly care for your family.

A nightly routine can help you relax, de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. It has made a world of difference in my life, and I am pretty sure a little nightly self-care will make a world of difference for you as well.

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