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The Work At Home Mom Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Day

Transfrom your days with this work at home mom morning routine.

As a work at home mom, are your mornings typically chaotic? Does it seem as if you’re always rushed in the mornings? If your answer is “yes”, then you can certainly benefit from a morning routine.

Getting the morning off to a positive start determines what type of workday you’ll have. It is definitely worth it to put forth the extra effort to ensure that your morning goes as smoothly as possible.

If you are one who feels that starting and sticking to a daily morning routine is a complicated process, honestly, that’s not the case. You actually get more accomplished, and without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. Best of all, your days will flow so much smoother.

Once you develop a plan and put it into practice each day, it will soon become a habit. The key is that you have to practice it daily. Another important point is that you want to create a routine that works for YOU. By creating a daily routine for yourself, and sticking to it, your level of productivity will definitely increase.

Here’s a sample of my morning routine that you can tailor to fit your specific needs.

Wake Up Early

Turning Off Alarm Clock In The Morning

Start getting up about 30 or 45 minutes earlier than you normally do. I like to get up before my son so that I have some time to myself before having to go into mommy mode.

Upon waking, take a few moments to stretch your body. Stretching always helps me to fully wake up, and feel as if I am ready to face the day.

Make Your Bed

There is something about tidying up your bed that just makes the day go so much smoother. After making the bed I like to open up the blinds so that as the sun rises, the natural light will flow in. Nothing beats having the sunlight on your face early in the mornings.

Spend Some Time In Prayer

Starting your day with prayer enables you to focus your attention on God and His purpose and plan for the day ahead. If you have a devotional, you can read the devotion for that particular day. If you’re like me, you can sip your coffee (or tea) as you read your bible.

After I finish my daily devotion, I spend about 10 minutes journaling. Some days I follow a journaling prompt, but there are times when I feel a need to just let whatever it is that’s on my mind flow onto the pages. I find that writing in my journal is very therapeutic. Or if your mind is busy, you can try a brain dump using a dedicated planner or notebook.


Look Over Your To-Do List

Take a quick glance at your tasks and the important “to-do” items in your calendar so that you are familiar with the tasks that you need to get accomplished for that day. Make any necessary adjustments to your schedule if needed.

I also take a few minutes to scan my email to see if I have received any important messages from the previous evening.

Enjoy A Healthy Breakfast

Make breakfast for yourself and your family members. Be sure to clean up as you go. Afterward, load the dishwasher, wipe down stovetop, counters, and sink. If you take just a few moments each day to clean as you go, you can avoid the unnecessary clutter, and sink full of dirty dishes.

You can also prepare breakfast items the night before and have all of your non-perishable items laid out so that you are not rushed in the morning. It is also a good idea to prepare lunches the night before.

If your kids are old enough, you can have them help you with this task.

Get Dressed

You’ll want to make sure that your kids are dressed for the day. The last thing that I do is take a quick shower and dress.

Take On The Day

Before getting your work day started, if you have school aged kids, you’ll want to get them onto the bus, or dropped off at school.

On school days, I drop my son off and if I have any errands, I try to get them all done after I drop him off at school. I then head home to start my workday.

If you have smaller kids at home, you can set them up with activities, or have them watch cartoons for an hour or two while you get some work done.

Make sure that you factor activities for your kids into your day so that they are busy while you are working.


It is actually a good idea to prepare as much as you can for the next day each evening. Place all of the items that you will need for the day in a central location (purse, keys, jacket, kids book bags, homework assignments, etc).

It’s also a great idea to lay out your wardrobe the night before. I personally do this right down to my underwear. I cannot tell you the number of times in years past that I have wasted precious time by standing in my closet trying to figure out what I was going to wear to work that morning.

Even though I am a WAHM now, I still lay out my wardrobe the night before. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s typically only leggings and a tee, but hey, it saves me precious time each morning by having my clothes already laid out.

When you establish a daily morning routine for you and your family, you create an environment of consistency. By establishing consistency, each person is fully aware of his/her role or responsibility.

A good morning routine will help to alleviate those feelings of overwhelm so that your days are calm and less stressful. It has definitely made a difference in my everyday life. But remember that the key to a successful routine is actually finding one that works for you and sticking to it.

Do you have a morning routine in place?


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