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5 Things To Do On Sunday To Prepare For A Productive Week

The key to a productive week is simply planning. Ensure your that your week is a productive one by following these helpful tips.

Let’s all be honest, Monday’s tend to suck (for a lot of us anyway). Even Sunday afternoons can start looking a little bleak as we anticipate the work week ahead.

But, what if I told you a few small changes could help to totally transform your week. In order for us to have a really productive week, we have to be intentional about how we’re spending our time. And that my friend starts on Sunday.

I have learned that being productive is all about preparation. By preparing for the upcoming week on Sundays, you’ll know what you need to do ahead of time, and it will actually help to alleviate some of your stress so that you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Who knows, you may actually start to enjoy waking up and heading off to work each morning. Now if your work day doesn’t start on Monday, you can prepare the day before (or a couple of days before) your actual work week starts.

Here is a simple routine I follow every Sunday to ensure that I have a less stressful, more productive week.


“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” – Proverb

Plan your week in your planner

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing you have three meetings in a row, all before noon! On Sunday, look over your calendar for the upcoming week. Do you need to add, cancel, or reschedule any appointments or meetings? Reviewing what’s already on your schedule for the coming week will help you feel more prepared to handle it.

Don’t forget to plan all the fun stuff. Date night with “bae”, or movie night with the girls, add it to your calendar. I personally, would be lost without my planner. But, if you are not a pen and paper person like myself, make sure that you keep important dates and meetings in your calendar on your phone.

Meal prep for the week

Who wants to come home after a long, hard day of work only to have to try and figure out what you’re going to prepare for dinner? I didn’t think so. By simply prepping a few meals on Sunday evening, you’ll be able to come in and get dinner on the table in no time.

And I know that everyone is different: some people prefer to cook several meals at once and then freeze them, others like myself prefer to make out a weekly menu plan and then shop for meals on a weekly basis. Do what works for you and your household.

Make a to-do list

I love lists! I make a weekly to-do list for things that I specifically need to get done that week. After writing them all down, I check them off as I complete them. Trust me it works! If you don’t write things down, the chances of you forgetting them are inevitable.

Tidy Up

Take a little bit of time to declutter your space. Wash the dishes and put them away. Make sure that toys are put back into bins and remote controls and things like that are put in their proper place. Go through the piles of junk mail on your counter and toss as much of it as you can. Put those piles of laundry away sis! You’ll thank me later.

As you declutter find a home for everything that you are keeping and make sure you always put things back in the right spot.

Take some time to relax

Sunday evenings are for self-care. That’s my motto anyways. Read a good book, journal, catch up with your bestie, take a long, hot bath, give yourself a facial, check out a movie — do whatever feels good to your soul, and allows you to start the week refreshed and fully prepared.

Go to bed early

Going to bed early on Sunday night allows you to wake up fully rested on Monday morning. It sounds like such a small thing, but it is not, my friends. I can’t tell you how many Mondays have been completely unproductive because I failed to get enough sleep the night before.  By hitting the sack a few hours early on Sunday night, your body and mind will be ever so grateful.

When it comes to having a productive work week, the adage “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”  is one of the absolute best tips.

How do you like to prepare for the upcoming week?


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