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Ten Decluttering Tips Just in Time for the Holidays | Free Printable Decluttering Guide

The holidays are here and that means it’s time to get rid of stuff. Here are ten decluttering tips just in time for the holidays.

After taking a few glances around your home, you may be regretting your decision to suggest having your friends and family over for the holidays. No need to fret, it’s happened to the best of us.

You now realize that not only do you have a lot of cleaning and preparing to do, but you’ve come to the realization that everything in your home simply looks out of place.

Well, instead of wishing you hadn’t extended the gracious offer to be host, check out this list of decluttering tips. They are just in time for the upcoming holidays. I guarantee that your home will feel nice and cozy when your loved ones arrive, especially if you decide to lavish it with festive holiday decor.


1. Look At Your Home Through Your Guest’s Eyes

As ridiculous as it may sound, try to imagine that it’s your first time walking into your home by physically stepping outside and then coming back in.

What are the first thoughts going through your mind as a guest? Are there certain areas that are kind of embarrassing or that could use a little reorganizing? What items can stay and what items need to go?

As ridiculous as it may sound, try to imagine that it’s your first time walking into your home by physically stepping outside and then coming back in.

You can even consider inviting one of your best friends over and asking them for their honest first impression of your home. Be sure to invite a really close friend, because besties tend to be honest without unnecessary judgement.

2. Make Yourself a Decluttering List

As you’re going through each room of your home, make a checklist of things that you need to get rid of. This will help show you exactly where you need to get started.

If you’re planning to have guests over this holiday season, I’d recommend that you start in the living room and then move on to the kitchen and dining room areas. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to decorate these rooms in beautiful holiday decor.

3. Use The Four Box Method

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and have absolutely no idea where to start, I suggest that you give the four-box method a try. Just like it sounds, you’ll need four boxes or bins, and you’ll want to label them KEEP, TRASH, GIVE AWAY, and RELOCATE/STORAGE.

This not only helps you realize just how much you own but also where the appropriate home is for each of those items. You will use this method for each room in your house.

4. Donate Clothing and Household Items You Never Use

When was the last time you went through all of the closets in your home and got rid of clothing that no one seems to wear? How about those toys in the kid’s play area? If you can’t remember, then you’re way overdue!

Allowing unused items to sit there and collect dust is not good, so make it a habit every 3 to 6 months to go through and purge things your family is not using, and donate those items to people that are in need.

5. Clear Off Tables And Counter Space

For whatever reason, countertops, coffee tables, and kitchen tables seem to be a breeding ground for clutter – I know that’s the case in my house. Those are the areas that tend to get cluttered with things like mail, paperwork, magazines, and bookbags.

Make it a priority of yours to spend a few minutes removing these eyesores everyday. And make sure that you and your family members don’t get into a habit of dropping things these areas again. This will ensure that your home stays tidy and clutter free.

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6. Store Items The Right Way

Keeping your home decluttered will be nearly impossible if you don’t have the right tools to keep everything organized and in its rightful place. Don’t just throw everything in miscellaneous drawers or shut them behind closet doors.

Provide each item with a home by purchasing baskets, bins, storage ottomans, or hooks for certain things to be hung up. You may even want to install shelving on the walls in your living room, or purchase free standing shelving units that you can add storage bins to.

But girl, don’t stop there! You’ll feel good about yourself once you’ve added some much needed organization to your kitchen pantry and bedroom closets.

7. Fill A Trash Bag

Another great way to get rid of a bunch of clutter in a hurry is to take an empty trash bag into a room with the sole purpose of getting rid of junk, such as papers, magazines, broken items, or things that just don’t make sense holding onto.

Keep in mind that you may need to only fill one trash bag per week so that your garbage container doesn’t get backed up.

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8. Snap Before and After Photos Of Areas To Be Decluttered

Decluttering an entire home isn’t a quick and simple task for anyone, especially for those that have a knack for collecting things – like myself. If this is your struggle, you can motivate yourself by working on just one room of your house, such as your living room.

Take a before and after picture of the room and you’ll notice the amazing difference and will want to continue the process through the rest of your house.

9. Request Help From A Close Friend

Maybe you’re discovering that it’s very difficult parting ways with pretty much anything. Asking for help from a friend will provide you with the help and support that you need, as well as a second opinion as to whether you should get rid of something or not.

10. Add A Cheerful Fragrance To The Air

While this last tip has absolutely nothing to do with decluttering, a pleasant fragrance will provide your home with just the right finishing touch.

There are several fragrances that are wonderful to use at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, including cinnamon sticks, baked apple pie, peppermint, or crisp fall leaves scented candles. Also, you could simply go with your favorite essential oil in a diffuser to help uplift everyone’s spirit.

With the holidays just around the corner, these decluttering tips will help your home look and feel absolutely amazing. Even when the holiday season is in your rear view mirror, knowing that your home is clutter free will allow you to continue to live a more calm and peaceful life.

What are some other simple ways that you’ve been able to get rid of clutter in your home? Share your decluttering tips in the comments.


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