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Here’s an adorable Paper Plate Chick Craft  that is perfect for spring or the Easter holiday.

One of our favorite things about the Spring season is seeing all of the bunnies and cute little yellow chicks.

If you’re looking for an easy and fun spring craft idea for your little ones, this paper plate chick craft is ideal. Plus it’s the perfect craft for Easter!

This simple Chick Craft doesn’t require a lot of supplies, which makes it great for not only preschoolers, but kids of all ages. 

Kids are sure to have a great time with this activity.  So gather your kiddos, and get ready for an afternoon of fun creating this cute little chick.

How To Make This Simple Paper Plate Chick Craft

Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate

Yellow Washable Kid’s Paint

2 Large Googly Eye

Orange Felt Square or Orange Construction Paper

3 – 4 Yellow Feathers 




*Tip – If you are pressed for time or don’t want to deal with the messiness of paint, you can allow kids to color the paper plates with crayons or markers.


1. Add a small amount of paint to the paper plate, and allow your child to paint the paper plate yellow. Set the plate aside to dry.

2. Add a dot of glue to each of the googly eyes, and glue them onto the paper plate. 

3. Cut a triangle from the orange felt to use as a beak.  Cut out two feet for the chick with the remaining orange felt. 

4. Glue the felt beak underneath the eyes.

5. Glue both feet to the back of the paper plate near the bottom. 

6. Lastly, add glue to each feather and glue one each at the top of the chick’s head,  and on each side to represent the chick’s wings.


7. Set your chick craft aside to completely dry, then proudly display! 

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