• Turkey Tacos In Lettuce Wraps

    Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps Recipe

    These turkey taco lettuce wraps make an easy, low carb dinner that your family is sure to love! Mexican foods are a favorite around here. So now we can enjoy Taco Tuesdays without the guilt. Turkey taco lettuce wraps are…

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    Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe

    Stuffed peppers are a favorite in my household.  My husband requests them quite often.   The recipe for this soup is actually very simple.  You’re simply taking all of the ingredients of a traditional stuffed pepper, and making it into a…

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    Homemade Chili Recipe

    When the weather is cool outside, I always fix my family’s favorite – homemade chili. I mean, let’s face it, cool weather and chili go together like peanut butter and jelly. A piping hot bowl of chili on a cool,…